This site is taking over from tommccarthyprojects.com. I didn’t like Wordpress and wanted something more dev friendly - that I could play around with a bit.

This site is running on Github Pages and Jekyll, which seem to be the handiest things to use. I didn’t do too much research, but these are working out nicely, so I’ll stick at them.

I plan on posting about the Fusor as it’s being worked on (and some retrospective summaries of work done) and my other interests too, more of a Tom’s website as opposed to a Fusor website. Something along the lines of Oliver Nash’s and Sam Zeloof’s.

The motivation for a site is something to keep a list and reference of whatever I’m doing. I find I have no good reference for people when they ask what I’m up to. This applies both to applications and day to day chat.

Things to do:

  • Set up custom domain.
  • Post about getting a mass flow controller working
  • Set up a separate website for my sports merchandise business, or contained within this, under custom domain ???
  • Link this base repo with the other themed repo OR just style this repo nicely and get rid of other one

Update 2-Sept-2017: tommccarthyprojects.com is still going. It’s good to have an exclusive site for fusor-related info.

Written on April 17, 2017